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About Us

D’Swain Associates History

Founded in November 1999 by Becky Day-Swain, Sole Proprietor, as D’Swain Associates with the purpose to provide consulting services for the nonprofit sector and its professionals. Services include strategic planning, agency assessment and evaluation, board and staff retreats, grant writing and fundraising, mentoring and training and volunteer program development.  Agency experience includes working with government, nonprofits and for-profits with budgets from $100,000 to $20,000,000 and includes international, national, regional and local geographic service areas.  Grant writing services have assisted agencies in California and Nevada to raise over $200,000,000 for general operating, programs, projects and capital needs through corporate, foundation and government grants since 2001.

Becky’s Background

Entering the human services field in 1980 as the Assistant Director of the Volunteer Department at Minneapolis Childrens Medical Center, Becky's path has covered a diverse group of agencies, issues and positions.  In 1999 taking that diversity and capitalizing on it D’Swain Associates, a nonprofit consulting business was founded and has successfully services the sector for over 15 years.  The ability to identify an organization's need and to assist in a variety of areas effectively were developed through Becky's depth of issues and diversity of positions served in the different sectors. 

Positions held have included Board President, Executive Director, Fund Development Director, Fund Development and Marketing Director, Development Officer and Director of Volunteer Programs.  Issues served during her career include homelessness, children, childcare, cancer, education, healthcare, domestic violence, conservation, sports, recreation, Lutheranism, diabetes, hunger, and entertainment engineering to name a few of the areas.  Some of the agencies that are part of her resume include:  AFS International Intercultural Programs, City of Los Angeles Animal Control and Regulation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Las Vegas Valley Water District (Springs Preserve), LIFE Love Is Feeding Everyone, Minneapolis Childrens Medical Center, Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles, Whittier Area First Day Coalition and YWCA of Greater Los Angeles.

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